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Egypt unearths eight ancient mummies

CAIRO: Egyptian archaeologists have discovered eight mummies dating back over 2,300 years at a pyramid complex south of Cairo, authorities said Wednesday. "The Egyptian archaeological mission working at the south eastern area of King Amenemhat II's pyramid in Dahshur Necropolis has uncovered a number of ancient burials with eight coffins," the antiquities ministry said in a statement. The mummies, dating from the Late Period of ancient Egypt, are "covered with a layer of painted cartonnage in the form of a human", the…

Treatment of patients from venom by a Beekeeper therapist of Cairo

CAIRO: On his rooftop in the outskirts of Cairo, Omar Abulhassan raises thousands of bees — not for the honey, but their venom. After reading about the benefits of bees in the Koran, Abulhassan, 30, decided five years ago to raise the insects and use the venom in alternative therapy. He believes bee stings can relieve pain and cure illnesses such as rheumatism. “These are not the only benefits,” said Abulhassan, who has no medical background. “It helps with having a better mood.” He now treats about five people a…

Donkeys painted with black stripes to look like zebras at Egyptian zoo

CAIRO: A zookeeper in Egypt has been accused of painting black stripes onto donkeys to make them look like zebras, but the person has denied these charges. Mohamed Sultan, the zookeepers, denies that the animal at the International Gardens Park in Cairo is a fake despite experts saying that they look like donkeys. Visitor Mahmoud Sarhan, 18, took pictures of the animals during a visit last month and it appears that some of the stripes have rubbed off. Mahmoud said: ‘We finished our tour then we decided to…