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Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel’s first trailer is finally out!

LOS ANGELES: After months and months of wait, Marvel fans can finally rejoice as the Captain Marvel's first trailer is out. This is the first female Marvel superhero to get her standalone movie, and according to the makers 'at a scale of power hitherto unseen in the series', The trailer begins with Brie Larson ( Captain Marvel) crash landing into Earth, the Blockbuster video store making amply clear that the film is set in the 90s. A younger Nick Fury's (Samuel L Jackson's) narration is about 'war being a universal…

Marvel reveals Captain Marvel first-look photos

LOS ANGELES: Marvel just released first look images of their upcoming movie "Captain Marvel" and the internet can't keep calm! The much-awaited movie from the Marvel cinematic universe  "Captain Marvel" is set to release next year in March and they have finally released the first look images from the sets of the Sci-Fi movie. Marvel’s first female-fronted film featuring Brie Larson is already expected to become a blockbuster hit as she is known to be the one who will bring all the dead Avengers back to life. Well,…