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US plans to release American captured in Syria in September

WASHINGTON: The U.S. government said on Wednesday it would release in Syria an American citizen detained on suspicion of being an Islamic State member, a move the American Civil Liberties Union compared to dumping him on the road in a war zone. The man, who holds dual U.S.-Saudi citizenship and whose name has not been released, was captured in September in Syria by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces, an alliance of militias fighting against Islamic State, before being handed over to the United States. He was then…

Has ‘mothman’ really been caught on camera? People in US state say ‘Yes’

WEST VIRGINIA, US: The seldom appearance of mythical red-eyed creature continuous to haunt denizens of West Virginia and nightmare has struck back once again. Previous sightings have described it as a “large flying man with 10-foot wings” and a “large bird with red eyes”. According to the Daily Mirror, one man is convinced he has proved once and for all the creature is real. Recently some pictures were captured showing some sort of animal appears to have…

VIDEO: Siberian tiger finally captured after days of sightings in Russian city

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia:  Authorities in Russia have captured a Siberian tiger who was sighted multiple times in the city of Vladivostok. Police in Vladivostok recently announced they were arming themselves with machine guns to hunt the tiger after several days of sightings culminated in video of the predator running across a busy street. The Amur Tiger Center announced the tiger was tranquilized and captured safely Friday after a driver spotted it at the side of a road and alerted authorities. The driver captured video of…

Islamic State tightens grip on captured Iraqi city

BAGHDAD: Islamic State fighters who overran Ramadi in a major defeat for the Iraqi government and its Western backers tightened their grip on the city, flying back flags on key buildings and setting free prisoners in a drive to win the support of local residents.