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Pope appoints 14 new cardinals, including Pakistan’s Joseph Coutts

VATICAN CITY: Pope Francis appointed 14 new cardinals Thursday, a diverse selection from all over the world including Iraq, Pakistan, Madagascar and Japan whom he warned to avoid the kind of "palace intrigues" which have plagued the Vatican over the years.  The appointments come as the Argentine pontiff gradually shapes a less European college of cardinals. Before the ceremony marking their appointment, Francis warned the new batch of cardinals that they must not get involved in "palace intrigues" within the Vatican…

Pope to appoint 14 new cardinals including one from Pakistan

Pope Francis announced Sunday that he will hold a meeting of the Church's top council to appoint 14 new cardinals next month, including from Iraq, Pakistan, Madagascar and Japan. In the event of a conclave of cardinals to name a new pope, 11 of the new 14 being under 80 years of age would be eligible to take part. "I am happy to announce that on June 29 there will be a consistory meeting to appoint 14 new cardinals. Their origins reflect the universality of the church," Pope Francis said in an address in Saint Peter's…