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Dutch scientists say human lifespan has limits

THE HAGUE: Dutch researchers claimed on Thursday to have discovered the maximum age "ceiling" for human lifespan, despite growing life expectancy because of better nutrition, living conditions and medical care. Mining data from some 75,000 Dutch people whose exact ages were recorded at the time of death, statisticians at Tilburg and Rotterdam's Erasmus universities pinned the maximum ceiling for female lifespan at 115.7 years. Men came in slightly lower at 114.1 years in the samples taken from the data which spans the…

Terrifying footage shows 20ft-long snake drop from ceiling of crowded restaurant

Why would you feel encountering a snake at a place where you’re supposed to unwind and have a meal? It actually happened at a restaurant where dozens of diners were forced to cut their dinner short after a giant snake suddenly dropped from the ceiling and landed on their table. It was not clear where the footage was filmed. The absolutely terrifying reptile somehow managed to emerge out of the ceiling tiles by slithering through a hole. Shocking footage shows the diners sat below looking visibly scared as a…