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Celebrity Apprentice

Schwarzenegger quits ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ over show’s Trump ties

LOS ANGELES: Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Friday he will not be back for another season of NBC's reality show "The Celebrity Apprentice," blaming U.S. President Donald Trump's ongoing role as executive producer for low ratings. Action movie star Schwarzenegger took over as host of "Celebrity Apprentice" last year. His first season, which premiered in January, has been watched by around 4 million to 5 million viewers. "Everyone - from the celebrities to the crew to the marketing department - was a straight 10, and I…

National Prayer Breakfast: Trump, Schwarzenegger in bitter fight over ‘ratings’

WASHINGTON:  Donald Trump attended Washington's annual prayer breakfast Thursday and asked assembled faith leaders to pray for Arnold Schwarzenegger's television ratings. On his maiden visit to the marquee political and religious event, Trump took a joking swipe at his successor as host of "The Apprentice." "I want to just pray for Arnold, if we can for those ratings, okay?" Trump said. THIS IS HOW ARNOLD REPLIED! The National Prayer Breakfast? pic.twitter.com/KYUqEZbJIE — Arnold (@Schwarzenegger) February 2, 2017…

Trump remains executive producer on Celebrity Apprentice show: Schwarzenegger

LOS ANGELES: President-elect Donald Trump will remain an executive producer on the reality TV show "Celebrity Apprentice," new host Arnold Schwarzenegger said on Friday, defending the situation as similar to his own transitions between politics and entertainment. Trump, who famously barked the catchphrase "You're fired!" as he dismissed competitors on the "Apprentice" and "Celebrity Apprentice" programs, stepped down from the show last year when he entered the Republican presidential race. "Celebrity Apprentice"…