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Why the Taj Mahal is turning green and brown?

NEW DELHI: Taj Mahal listed as one of the wonders of the world is turning green and brown due to pollution. The white marbled 17th century UNESCO World heritage site is said to be in need of a much needed clean up. According to reports the situation has become so dire that India’s Supreme Court has ordered the government to seek foreign help if they are unable to figure out the solution. The problem is due to both sewage in the nearby Yamuna river which attracts millions of insets, together with pollutants in the…

Changing childcare settings can affect sleep

NEW YORK:  Inconsistent childcare arrangements can affect toddlers’ sleep at night, a new study suggests. Consistent childcare arrangements - even complicated ones - didn’t seem to affect young children’s nighttime sleep. But when the pattern changed over time, toddlers didn’t sleep as well, study leader Jen-Hao Chen told Reuters Health in an email. “The first three to five years of life are critical for children’s development of a single, consolidated sleep,” said Chen, a researcher at Howard University in Washington,…