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Researchers discover method of targeting cancer without destroying healthy cells

A unique approach to targeting the abnormal T-cells that cause T-cell lymphomas could offer hope to patients with the aggressive and difficult-to-treat family of cancers, finds a study involving researchers from Cardiff University. The team of researchers, working with bio-pharmaceutical company Autolus Ltd, have discovered a method of targeting the cancer without destroying healthy T-cells, essential to the immune system. Lymphomas arise when immune cells, called lymphocytes, that protect us against germs, become…

Novartis study shows skin cancer combo also works on lungs

CHICAGO: A Novartis trial of two drugs against an aggressive lung cancer bodes well for broadening their use beyond melanoma, the Swiss drugmaker told the American Society of Clinical Oncology's conference in Chicago on Tuesday. Novartis's Tafinlar and Mekinist combination shrank tumors in 63 percent of the trial's 57 people with BRAF V600E-mutation positive non-small cell lung cancer who had failed on chemotherapy, the company said, citing a Phase II study.