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Child obesity

London bans junk food ads on public transport to fight child obesity

LONDON: London plans to ban junk food advertising on its entire public transport network to tackle child obesity, which is among the highest in Europe, Mayor Sadiq Kahn said on Friday. Almost 40 percent of children aged 10 and 11 in London are overweight or obese, according to research compiled for Britain’s parliament. “Child obesity in London is a ticking timebomb and I am determined to act. If we don’t take bold steps against it we are not doing right by our young people as well as placing a huge strain on our…

Smartphones, Tablets, TV use linked to obesity in children

NEW YORK: Children’s waistlines (Obesity) have been expanding in lock step with the amount of time they spend with televisions, computers, smartphones and tablets, European doctors say. In the past 25 years, obesity rates have climbed rapidly among European children and teens, according to a consensus statement from the European Academy of Pediatrics and the European Childhood Obesity Group published in Acta Paediatrica. Roughly one in five kids and teens in Europe are overweight or obese, according to a 2017 World…

Child obesity grows tenfold since 1975: study

PARIS: The world had 10 times as many obese children and teenagers last year than in 1975, but underweight kids still outnumbered them, a study said Wednesday. Warning of a "double burden" of malnutrition, researchers said the rate of increase in obesity far outstripped the decline in under-nutrition. "If post-2000 trends continue, child and adolescent obesity is expected to surpass moderate and severe underweight by 2022," researchers wrote in The Lancet medical journal. The team found that there were 74 million…