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Chimpanzee delighted at being reunited with human foster family

A chimpanzee was reunited with the humans who raised him after he was rejected by his mother. Mobile phone footage begins with Limbani quietly sipping a drink through a straw until he is called from behind and turns to see his former foster father, Jorge. The ape immediately becomes very vocal and jumps into the man's arms, hugging him tightly. Limbani keeps his arms wrapped around the man's neck and his legs around his waist, like a small child. Jorge strokes the ape's head and then leans back to give him a kiss…

WATCH: Dying chimpanzee recognizes old human friend in heart-melting video

A touching video is going rounds on the social media that shows a dying chimpanzee giving the final farewell to her old human friend who cared for her. Mama, the 59-year-old former matriarch at Royal Burgers Zoo in the Netherlands, was curled up in a ball and refusing food until the arrival of Professor Jan van Hooff, who she had known since 1972. The terminally ill chimp, who was fast approaching the end of her life, can be seen reacting with pure joy when she realises who has come to see her. Screeching with…