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China Port

Karachi’s new attraction ‘China Port’ is now a ‘no go’ area for public

KARACHI: Authorities played a 'spoilsport' for Karachiites after an order issued closing China Port for the public who had been making frequent sightseeing tours to the newly-discovered location. The spot had been drawing a lot of visitors after pictures of the fascinating Oyster Rocks started getting viral on the social media. As seen in the pictures circulating on Twitter and Facebook with horde of people roaming there, now a makeshift blockade of concrete barriers, wooden planks, old bushes have been placed that bar…

China Port: A new ‘picnic point’ for Karachiites?

Karachi is no short of picnic spots – either it seashore or any amusement park… the city has it all. With so much at hand, the citizens don’t yet stop short of exploring new spots for outing, and this time it’s China Port Deep Water Terminal. Also known as ‘Oyster Rocks’, the spot is a about 2.5 kilometers long breakwater built by China to protect the South Asia Pakistan Terminal, but the citizens find it fascinating enough to spend time there with families. The Oyster Rocks strip was originally built to protect large…