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chinese farm

African swine fever hits huge, foreign-invested Chinese farm

BEIJING: China reported an outbreak of deadly African swine fever on a huge pig farm part-owned by a Danish investment fund, showing the spread of the virus to modern industrial farms expected to have the best levels of disease prevention. The outbreak occurred on a farm in Suihua city with 73,000 pigs in northeastern Heilongjiang province, owned by the Heilongjiang Asia-Europe Animal Husbandry Co Ltd, a company established in 2016. The farm’s herd included 15,000 breeding pigs, according to its website, and it was…

WATCH: Cow born with ‘fifth leg’ becomes tourist attraction at Chinese farm

BEIJING: A bizarre sight was witnessed at a Chinese farm when a  'mutant' cow with a fifth leg growing out of its back was discovered by visitors. Astonishing footage that is going viral shows the animal's fully formed trotter flopping around as the cow eats in a barn in Zhanjiang, China. In the video, taken on September 24, the cameraman even picks up the animal's extra limb and shakes it back and forth to prove it is in fact fully attached. The cow has now reportedly become a tourist attraction in the…