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christian couple

ATC acquits 20 suspects in Christian couple killing case

LAHORE: An anti-terrorism court here has acquitted 20 suspects booked for allegedly lynching and immolating a Christian couple accused of committing blasphemy in Kot Radha Kishan in 2014. In Nov 2014, brick factory workers - Shahzad and his wife Shama - were burned to death in a brick kiln by a charged mob for allegedly desecrating the Holy Quran. The woman, a mother of three, was said to be pregnant at the time of the incident. The ATC judge exonerated 20 suspects from all charges for lack of compelling evidence.…

Five sentenced to death over burning alive Christian couple in Kasur

KASUR: An anti-terrorism court on Wednesday sentenced five men to death for lynching and burning alive a Christian couple in 2014 near Kasur.  The incident took place in the rural area of Kot Radha Kishan near Kasur where an enraged mob attacked and burned alive a young Christian couple working at a brick kiln over alleged blasphemy. The court sentenced to death five men named Mehdi Khan, Riaz Kambo, Irfan Shakoor, Muhammad Hanif, and Hafiz Ishtiaq, who were under currently under custody. Eight other men were…