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chronic pain

Chronic pain may contribute to suicide, study warns

WASHINGTON: Nearly one in 10 suicide deaths in the U.S. occurs in people with chronic pain, a new study indicates. The finding suggests chronic pain may be a risk factor for suicide, the study authors say. While the study can’t prove that chronic pain contributed to people’s decisions to kill themselves, “we did see that mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety were more common among those with chronic pain,” said lead author Dr. Emiko Petrosky, a medical epidemiologist with the U.S. Centers for Disease…

Poor sleep associated with higher risk of chronic pain

LONDON: People who sleep poorly may be more likely to develop a chronic pain condition and have worse physical health, a study from the UK suggests. A general decline in both the quantity and quality of hours slept led to a two- to three-fold increase in pain problems over time, researchers found. “Sleep and pain problems are two of the biggest health problems in today’s society,” said lead study author Esther Afolalu of the University of Warwick in Coventry. Pain is known to interfere with sleep, she told Reuters…