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Chup Raho

Syed Jibran is almost unrecognizable in this picture

He impressed all with his performance in "Chup Raho" and became a household name. These days Syed Jibran is earning praise for his flawless portrayal of an uncompromising brother with a false sense of 'Ghairat'  but few know that behind his stern looks, Jibran is a fun loving fellow. As Jibran did joker for a Halloween party recently, fellow actress Anam Tanveer posted a picture of him on her Instagram and believe us, it took a moment for us to recognize it was Jibran. Guess who @syedjibranofficial 😃👻🎃👹😈😸…

Jibran Syed: Bad Boy to Good Boy

KARACHI: The man who invited everyone's wrath by playing the villainous 'Numair' in the popular drama 'Chup Raho' is proving himself the exact opposite in his recent mini screen show 'Ishq Parast', ARY News reported.

Jibran Syed Cheats All for One

KARACHI: Pakistani drama viewers are these days watching and lauding a remarkable display of acting by the underrated Jibran Syed in drama serial ‘Chup Raho’, ARY News reported.

Sajal Ali Has to Remain Silent

KARACHI: Pakistani drama baby doll 'Sajal Ali' is apparently playing the most challenging role of her career as a victim of sexual abuse and harassment in drama serial ''Chup Raho', ARY News reported.