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CIA chief

Turkey shares ‘evidence’ with CIA chief over Khashoggi murder

ISTANBUL: Turkish intelligence has shared "all the evidence" over the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi with the CIA chief during a visit, Turkish pro-government media reported on Wednesday. CIA Director Gina Haspel visited the Turkish capital Ankara on Tuesday for talks with officials about the killing of Washington Post contributor Khashoggi inside Saudi Arabia's Istanbul consulate. Video images and audio tapes, as well as evidence gathered from the consulate and the consul's residence, were shared with…

Pakistan must act against safe havens or US will: CIA chief

WASHINGTON: Mike Pompeo, Director of the US's Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), says if Pakistan doesn't act against terror safe havens in the country the US "will do everything it can to ensure they don't exist anymore". He made this comments couple of days ago and ahead of US defense secretary James Mattis’s visit to Pakistan, reported Voice of America (VOA) radio. Pompeo said the defense secretary would deliver US President Donald Trump's message to Pakistan that he's very serious about tackling terror safe havens.…

CIA director warns Trump to watch what he says

WASHINGTON: CIA Director John Brennan on Sunday offered a stern parting message for Donald Trump days before the Republican U.S. president-elect takes office, cautioning him against loosening sanctions on Russia and warning him to watch what he says. Brennan rebuked Trump for comparing U.S. intelligence agencies to Nazi Germany in comments by the outgoing CIA chief that reflected the extraordinary friction between the incoming president and the 17 intelligence agencies he will begin to command once he takes office on…