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clinical depression

11 conditions that may be misdiagnosed as depression

Depression has a complex relationship to other chronic illnesses. Sometimes, when a patient goes to their doctor with undiagnosed symptoms, if the doctor can’t figure out exactly what’s causing them or if their symptoms overlap with the symptoms of depression (like fatigue, sleep problems, changes in appetite or weight, trouble concentrating, unexplained pain and feelings of sadness and/or anger) they may diagnose their patient with depression even though there is actually another medical issue. At the same time, having a…

Personality study finds fish have hidden depths

LONDON: Fish have complex individual personalities, a British university study found in research published Monday. Scientists from Exeter University in southwest England studied how individual Trinidadian guppy fish behaved in various stressful situations and discovered wide differences in how they responded. The researchers studied their coping strategies in situations designed to trigger various levels of stress. They found their modes of behaviour could not simply be explained as risk-taking or risk-averse.…