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Two planes collide on the ground at Chicago Airport

CHICAGO: Two United Airlines planes collided on the airfield at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Wednesday afternoon. Around 4:20 p.m., Flight 645 was taxiing from Gate C30 when the aircraft’s left wing clipped the left wing of Flight 2746, the Chicago-Sun Times reported. Federal Aviation Administration rep Tony Molinaro confirmed that both United planes sustained damage to their wings in the accident. According to CBS Chicago, the Portland-bound Flight 645 had passengers on board and the incident…

VIDEO: Multiple cars collide on icy road in Russia

MOSCOW: A shocking footage during a snowfall in Russia where drivers in Russia were filmed having trouble dealing with icy surface prompting collision among vehicles and causing almost a tragedy. Video from Vladivostok shows the difficulty the drivers have controlling their cars. The three vehicles continue to slide, much to the shock of pedestrians, before finally coming to a halt. One car sits stricken with its hazard lights on but in the distance a van spins through the snow, sliding down the snow-covered…

Driverless car in Singapore collides with truck, no injuries

Pulau Ujong: A self-driving car being tested on Singapore public roads collided with a truck on Tuesday, the city-state's transport regulator said, adding that no one was hurt. "The test vehicle was changing lane when it collided with a truck," the Land Transport Authority said in a Facebook post. nuTonomy, which is developing and testing the technology, said the car was operating with two engineers onboard and traveling slowly. Countries around the world are encouraging the development of autonomous technologies, and…