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‘Dead by Daylight’ coming soon to Xbox One

Behaviour Interactive has announced to soon launch ‘Dead by Daylight’ to Xbox One. Behaviour Interactive is a Canadian video game development studio. It has been making games for 25 years with the help of gamers and developers. Game Director Behaviour Digital Mathieu Cote revealing what led them to make Dead by Daylight said, “Through all of our games, we kept coming back to the idea of playing as the bad guy. Maybe a slasher movie? Maybe a haunting presence trying to make people insane? We made many prototypes, from…

Bloody Zombies is coming soon to PS4 and PS VR

Just imagine that you are in a world of zombies with only three other your friends who are not affected of this undeadly disease and your task is to decimate all the living dead. ‘Bloody Zombies’ gives you a firsthand experience of such imagination. Co-Founder and Director Paw Print Games Antony White has announced that Bloody Zombies, a brand new co-op brawler, is coming to PS4 and PlayStation VR later this year. “In Bloody Zombies the city has fallen to the undead and all that remains are four lone survivors:…

NBA Playgrounds coming soon to Xbox One

Basketball is no more limited to America. It has become a global game. A lot more people follow it in other parts of the world as well and play to soothe their thirst. Saber Interactive, video game developing company, has announced to launch basketball game – NBA Playgrounds -- on Xbox One. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is the professional basketball league in North America and is considered to be men's professional basketball league across the world. Arcade style, 2-on-2 NBA Playgrounds seems a…