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May vows to stay as party plotters attempt to topple her

LONDON: British Prime Minister Theresa May said on Friday she would stay on as leader to provide stability after a former chairman of her Conservative Party said he had garnered the support of 30 lawmakers who wanted her to quit. May is trying to face down a rebellion by some of her own lawmakers just as Britain enters a crucial stage in Brexit talks, 18 months before the country leaves the European Union and must redefine its place in the world. Some Conservative plotters say her authority is shattered beyond repair…

Theresa May: The leader who gambled and lost

LONDON: Prime Minister Theresa May presented herself as a stable leader to take Britain through Brexit, but her gamble of an election backfired and has left her deeply wounded. The Conservative Party leader refused to resign after losing her party's parliamentary majority in Thursday's vote, but has suffered a humiliation from which she will struggle to recover. "She ran a pretty dreadful campaign," said Conservative lawmaker Anna Soubry as the shock results rolled in, calling on May to "consider her position". "It…

UK PM’s party secures big gains in local polls

LONDON: British Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservatives secured big wins Friday in local elections, a month ahead of a Brexit-dominated snap general election. Final results showed the centre-right party gaining ground across the country, with the main opposition Labour party taking a hammering and Brexit cheerleaders UKIP all but wiped out as the Conservatives gobbled up their vote. With the results in from all 88 local authorities being contested, the Conservatives won 1,900 seats, up 558; Labour won 1,151, down 320;…