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Conspiracy theorist claims to have spotted missing Flight MH370 underwater

A conspiracy theorist has claimed that he may have found missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 on Google Maps. An outline of a plane, which the unnamed theorist suggests could be underwater, has been posted online after a computer search of waters off the coast of Padang, Indonesia. The location is around an hour's flight from where MH370 took off from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in March 2014. The post was published online and the author said the plane could be underwater and could possibly be MH370. However, he…

Apple removes most of conspiracy theorist’s podcasts from iTunes

ATLANTA: Most of US conspiracy theorist Alex Jones’s podcasts from his right-wing media platform Infowars have been removed from Apple’s iTunes and podcast apps, the media news website BuzzFeed quoted a company spokesman as saying on Sunday. The move by Apple is the most sweeping of a recent crackdown on Jones’s programs by Facebook and other online sites that have suspended or removed some of his conspiracy-driven content. Apple told Buzzfeed that it had removed the entire library for five of Jones’s six Infowars…

VIDEO: Is this really a woman’s body found on Mars?

Conspiracy theorists come up with novel claims every other time and at times they drive you into delusion. Now this time around, they insist that the body of a dead woman was allegedly found on Mars’ surface. According to alien hunter Scott C. Waring, the photo taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover shows a “woman” with flowing dress and long hair. Waring says that the finding is the find of the century. He added that this is one of the few carvings he found on Mars that depict a human-like species.…