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construction workers

Qatar World Cup construction workers to get ‘cooling’ hats

DOHA: Migrant workers building soccer stadiums in Qatar's desert heat are to be given 'cooling' hard hats to reduce their body temperature and risk of suffering heat stroke, tournament organisers said. Scientists at Qatar University designed the solar-powered hard hats to improve conditions for 2022 World Cup labourers who rights groups say have suffered abuses. A fan in the top of the helmet blows air over a cold pack onto the person's face reducing skin temperature by up to 10 degrees centigrade, said Saud Ghani, an…

WATCH: Construction workers get ‘horrible surprise’ while digging

ANKARA: Laborers digging up a cesspit got an unusual surprise, prompting them to halt the activity for a few moments. According to local news outlets in Turkey, the team were digging near a chicken production plant and had begun to smash into the cesspit. But as they began to make holes in the structure, a strange claw could be seen scrabbling at the hole. As the workers continued to dig and the hole got bigger, it became clear a huge grizzly bear was lurking in the pit. It is believed the bear got stuck…

VIDEO: Giant 400kg anaconda found at Brazilian construction site

Brazilian construction workers were sent into fright after they spotted a  gigantic 400kg anaconda lurking inside a cave. The reptile was reportedly found by builders after they carried out a controlled explosion in the Belo Monte Dam, in the northern state of Para. The snake's body reportedly measured about 10m long and one metre wide, according to the Sun. It's unknown when the snake was found. It's unclear whether the snake died due to the controlled explosion or if it was killed by the workers, however…