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WHO uncovers big national variations in antibiotics consumption

GENEVA: Antibiotics are used far more in some countries than in others, a survey by the World Health Organization (WHO) showed on Monday, suggesting that urgent action was needed to slash unnecessary consumption of the medicines. The “WHO Report on Surveillance of Antibiotic Consumption” looked at antibiotic use in 65 countries and found the Netherlands used 9.78 defined daily doses (DDD) per 1,000 people, while Britain used twice as much and Turkey almost twice as much again, at 38.18 DDD per 1,000 inhabitants. Iran’s…

World must slash meat consumption to save climate: study

PARIS: The world must drastically reduce its meat consumption in order to avoid devastating climate change, scientists said Wednesday in the most thorough study so far on how what we eat affects the environment. As humanity grapples with tough choices to offset a rapidly heating planet, the research suggests that the Western world would need to slash its meat intake by 90 percent to avoid crippling Earth's ability to sustain an anticipated 10 billion people by 2050. Food production -- which produces damaging greenhouse…