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Contact Lens

Contact lens found lodged in woman’s eyelid 28 years after she ‘lost’ it

LONDON: A woman's swollen and drooping left eyelid led British doctors to an eye-popping discovery: a rigid contact lens, wrapped completely in a cyst, hidden in the fold of skin. The last time she used such a contact? About 28 years ago. Doctors detailed the woman's condition this month in the journal BMJ Case Reports, describing how an MRI revealed the cyst that, upon surgical removal, contained the rigid plastic lens. The woman, 42, visited an ophthalmologist after swelling had persisted for about six months,…

Novartis backs off from 2016 date for testing Google autofocus lens

NEW YORK: Novartis has abandoned a 2016 goal to start testing its autofocus contact lens on people, though it said the groundbreaking product it is making with internet giant Google is "progressing steadily." "It is too early to say when exactly human clinical trials for these lenses will begin," a spokeswoman for the Basel-based drugmaker said in an email on Friday. "This is a very technically complex process and both sides are learning as we go along. We will provide updates at the appropriate time," she said.…