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Local shippers fume as containers hijacked to block protests

ISLAMABAD: Business leaders complained on Wednesday of losing millions of dollars to the government's novel way of containing protesters: by confiscating thousands of shipping containers, many still full of goods, to block roads. Transport operators complained that up to 4,000 containers had been diverted from their usual route between the southern port city of Karachi and Islamabad to block the capital's roads this week, as opposition leader Imran Khan threatened a million-strong demonstration to lock down the…

Islamabad braces for more chaos as government lockdowns capital

ISLAMABAD: It all started last Thursday when police officials raided an indoor youth convention in the federal capital and clashed with workers. Since then hundreds of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) workers have been arrested, almost all leading roads have been jammed by containers and political temperature has been boiling. Imran Khan, who also led a weeks-long occupation of Islamabad that paralysed the same government quarter in 2014 after rejecting Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's decisive election win, has once again…