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Pakistani controversies that made headlines in 2017

Pakistan politics is more about rabble-rousing than fulfilling promises. What keeps our politicians more relevant is their frequent motor-mouthing and this is something that has become a regular trait. The 2017 is about to end but it leaves behind plenty of undesirably memorable moments triggered by our elected representatives as well as ‘apolitical’ celebrities. Here we will look at some of the bizarre headline-making statements given by them. Here you go: When PPP's Imdad Pitafi called Nusrat Sehar…

Sherry Rehman raises questions over controversies, validity of census

KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Senator Sherry Rehman on Friday raised questions over a number of controversies arising from unresolved issues related to the census which is currently underway. “The census has dangerous shortfalls that need to be addressed immediately. As much as it is the government’s constitutional duty to conduct a census, key deficits and designed flaws in the exercise put it in the eye of a huge potential storm,” she said in a statement. She said the government had failed to address the most…

12 events & controversies that rocked Pakistan politics in 2015

Every year passes with several ups and downs, however in case of Pakistan, it's often terrorism-related incidents that relatively eclipse other happenings across the 365 days. The outgoing 2015 doesn't reflect a bleak picture on terrorism front, instead it can be termed an 'year of political controversies'.