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Microwave ovens are cooking the environment: study

PARIS: Small electrical appliances such as microwave ovens, kettles and hair dryers harm the environment in a dozen different ways, and consumers can do far more to reduce the impacts, researchers said Thursday. In the European Union, the electricity used by 130 million microwaves puts 7.7 million tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere each year, equivalent to the annual emissions of nearly eight million cars, they reported in the journal Science of the Total Environment. "Electricity consumption has the biggest…

WATCH: When Zubaida Tariq cooked a dish for the first time!!

Cooking expert Zubaida Tariq, who passed away on Thursday, once fondly recalled the first time she ever cooked a dish. While giving an interview to ARY News program, she recalled making Karhi for the first time after she got married for her husband, but forgot to add a key ingredient, Dahi (curd), and the dish didn't thicken was not made properly. When her husband arrived and asked for dinner, she narrated the whole story and said she had thrown it away. Both ended up going out and having Chinese food. However, a…

Recipe: Here is how you can make Gulab Jamuns with milk powder

Sweets elate your mood and hence are complementary for every occasion of jubilance as they pass on pleasant effects on your body. Gulab Jamun, a pure desi delight, holds a special status in desi events, without it an event seems dull. From Eid festivities to marriage ceremonies and other celebrations, this sweet is offered as a custom. One cannot hold himself from eating fresh Gulab Jamuns. This recipe of 'Gulab Jamuns made by milk powder' was revealed by Afzal Nizami in ARY Zauq's program Kuch Meetha Kuch Namkeen.…