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Police dog performs CPR on cop who plays dead, video goes viral

MADRID: A police dog has become an internet sensation after his video performing CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation) on a cop who played dead during a mock demonstration. Shared by the official Twitter account of Madrid Police, the post says, “Heroic performance of our # Compañerosde4Patas Poncho, who did not hesitate for a moment to ‘save the life’ of the agent, practicing the # CPR in a masterful way. The dog is the only being in the world that will love you more than he loves himself- John Billings.” The 42-second…

CPR survival rates are lower than most people think: study

NEW YORK: The majority of people believe cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) is successful more often than it tends to be in reality, according to a small U.S. study. This overly optimistic view, which may partly stem from seeing happy outcomes in television medical dramas, can get in the way of decision-making and frank conversations about end of life care with doctors, the research team writes in American Journal of Emergency Medicine. CPR is intended to restart a heart that has stopped beating, known as cardiac…