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Global wheat supply to reach crisis levels

LONDON: A scorching hot, dry summer has ended five years of plenty in many wheat producing countries and drawn down the reserves of major exporters to their lowest level since 2007/08 when low grain stocks contributed to food riots across…

Britain on the verge of Chips crisis

LONDON: The head of independent chips maker Pipers has told the Sunday Times that ‘there is a danger we will have a chips crisis’. This is thanks to some issues with the UK’s potato crops, which were wrecked by the Beast of the East…

India’s Silicon Valley faces man-made water crisis

DELHI: Every day more than 1,000 water tankers rumble past Nagraj's small plywood store in Bangalore, throwing up clouds of dust as they rush their valuable cargo to homes and offices in India's drought-stricken tech hub. Gleaming new…