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Thailand hunts ‘mysterious’ crocodile scaring tourists

2 months, 27 days ago
PHUKET: Thailand is in hot pursuit of a cagey crocodile that has made unwelcome appearances off the beaches of resort island Phuket only to slip through the clutches of local authorities. The evasive reptile was first seen near Rawai…

Villagers kill nearly 300 crocodiles in revenge attack

3 months, 3 days ago
JAKARTA: Indonesian villagers armed with knives, hammers and clubs slaughtered 292 crocodiles in revenge for the death of a man killed by a crocodile at a breeding farm, an official said. Photographs released by Antara news agency…

Giant crocodile captured in Australia to stop it going to town

3 months, 8 days ago
SYDNEY: Authorities in Australia have caught a saltwater crocodile measuring almost 5 meters (16.4 ft), one of the biggest on record, to stop it from reaching a populated area, the Department of Tourism said on Tuesday. Weighing up to…

Mysterious crocodile-like creature washes up on Welsh beach

4 months, 24 days ago
A mysterious crocodile-like creature washed up on a Welsh beach, causing quite the debate before a marine biologist provided an answer. Beth Jannetta was walking her three dogs near Rhossili, Swansea, when she came across the decomposing…

50 live crocodiles from Malaysia seized at London airport

5 months, 14 days ago
LONDON: British officials have seized an illegal shipment of 50 live crocodiles at London Heathrow Airport, the UK Border Force said Friday. The year-old juvenile saltwater crocodiles were found crammed into five boxes coming from…

Fisherman eaten by crocodile on Philippine island

7 months, 26 days ago
MANILA: A crab fisherman has been killed and half-eaten by a huge saltwater crocodile, the latest in a growing number of attacks on a remote Philippine island, police said Wednesday. The family and neighbours of Rebente Ladja, 37,…

Danny McBride to play Crocodile Dundee’s son in new movie

8 months, 30 days ago
NEW YORK: More than 30 years after Mick "Crocodile" Dundee delighted audiences by wrestling wild animals and facing down New York muggers with his massive knife, a reboot is in the works. "Dundee: The Son of A Legend Returns Home," the…

Crocodiles kill tourist in Zimbabwe

9 months, 14 days ago
HARARE: Crocodiles in Zimbabwe savaged a 90-year-old tourist to death and left another traveller critically wounded after attacking their rubber dinghy, the national parks service said Friday. The pair, who are both Zimbabwean, were part…