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Crocodiles guard secrets of Pakistan’s lost African past

KARACHI: Dancing and chanting in Swahili at a crocodile shrine outside Karachi, hundreds of Pakistani Sheedis swayed barefoot to the rhythm of a language they no longer speak -- the celebration offering a rare chance to connect with their African roots. For many Sheedis, the swampy crocodile shrine to Sufi saint Haji Syed Shaikh Sultan -- more popularly known as Mangho Pir -- is the most potent symbol of their shared African past, as they struggle to uncover the trail that led their ancestors to Pakistan. Many, like…

Bangladesh hopes to rekindle passion to save rare crocodiles

DHAKA: Bangladeshi conservationists introduced two rare river-dwelling crocodiles to potential mates Sunday in a last-ditch attempt to save the critically-endangered species from extinction. A 36-year-old female gharial -- a fish-eating crocodile once native to rivers across the Indian subcontinent -- was brought from a zoo in northeast Bangladesh to the capital Dhaka, where it is hoped she will mate with an older male to repopulate the species. A separate 40-year-old male was returned to the zoo in Rajshahi where…

Dino ancestors looked like crocodiles: study

LONDON: Fossils discovered in Tanzania in the 1930s have helped identify a "missing link" in dinosaur evolution that reveals their ancestors had long necks, walked on four legs and looked like crocodiles. The 245-million-year-old fossils held in Britain's Natural History Museum were studied by palaeontologist Alan Charig in the 1950s. But they were incomplete and it was only more fossils found in Tanzania in 2015 that helped build up the skeleton of "Teleocrator rhadinus". "The finding forces a rethink of early…