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Cubans to throng Revolution Square in mourning for Fidel Castro

HAVANA: Cubans will begin massing on Havana's Revolution Square from Monday for a week-long commemoration of Fidel Castro, the communist guerrilla leader who led a revolution in 1959 and ruled the Caribbean island for half a century. Castro died on Friday at the age of 90, a decade after stepping down due to poor health and ceding power to his brother Raul Castro. Castro was cremated on Saturday and his ashes will be carried in a cortege to a final resting place in Santiago de Cuba, the city in eastern Cuba where he…

Cubans fret over life after Castro with Trump next door

HAVANA: From the Bay of Pigs invasion to a historic visit by President Barack Obama to Havana, Cubans have known for generations that whenever the United States turns its face to Cuba, Fidel Castro would be staring right back. But the death of "El Comandante" has added to worries among Cubans that US President-Elect Donald Trump will slam the door shut on nascent trade and travel ties, undoing two years of detente between the estranged neighbors. Trump has struck a very different tone from Obama, who reached an…