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curiosity rover

‘Mars has the ingredients needed for life’

WASHINGTON: A NASA rover has detected a bonanza of organic compounds on the surface of Mars and seasonal fluctuations of atmospheric methane in findings released on Thursday that mark some of the strongest evidence ever that Earth’s neighbour may have harboured life. But National Aeronautics and Space Administration scientists emphasized there could be non-biological explanations for both discoveries made by the Curiosity rover at a site called Gale crater, leaving the issue of Martian life a tantalizing but unanswered…

Is there life on Mars? This is what NASA’s Curiosity rover shows

There are many speculations about life on Mars and how it could be. Well, recent panoramic clips that NASA’s Curiosity rover captured on the planet will give you some real idea. The rover — which has been on Mars in search of signs of conditions that might make life sustainable on the planet — clicked a panorama of what it noticed in Gale Crater on January 30. In a 1.53-minute clip, the picture puts the spotlight on an area of more than 48 km. “The view from Vera Rubin Ridge looks back over buttes, dunes and other…