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Who is behind mysterious incidents of cutting women’s hair in India?

NEW DELHI: The mysterious incidents of cutting women’s hair have recently surfaced in India. Police have failed to decipher this enigma which has become a nightmare for women in different areas of the country including New Delhi, Utter Pradesh, some districts of Rajasthan and other areas. Some unidentified persons have reportedly attacked and cut women’s hair while they were walking on streets or the culprits broke into their houses to commit this crime. The victims said women were also involved in this crime. While…

Is Samsung cutting ties with Android?

SEOUL: Samsung Electronics Co Ltd plans to launch the first smartphone based on its Tizen operating system in the third quarter, marking the company's latest bid to build up its own ecosystem and reduce reliance on Google Inc's Android. The South Korean firm on Monday said the Samsung Z, which comes with a 4.8 inch high-definition display and offers features such as a fingerprint sensor, will be unveiled at the Tizen Developer Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday. The phone will be available in Russia sometime in the…