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Global powers must address ‘episodes of cyberwar’: UN chief

MUNICH: World leaders must lay the groundwork on how countries respond to cyberattacks that have proven to be a daunting threat, whether by state actors or criminal enterprises, UN secretary general Antonio Guterres said on Friday. "It is clear we are witnessing in a more or less disguised way cyberwars between states, episodes of cyberwar between states," Guterres said during one of the opening speeches at the Munich Security Conference. "It's high time to have a serious discussion about the international legal…

‘Obama launched cyberwar to sabotage North Korea missile programme’

WASHINGTON: Former US president Barack Obama in 2014 launched a cyberwar against North Korea’s missile programme but it has failed to make significant gains, according to a leading US daily. The US still cannot effectively counter North Korea’s nuclear and missile programmes, The New York Times reported today following a months-long investigation, based on interviews with officials in the Obama and Donald Trump administrations as well as “a review of extensive but obscure public records.” North Korea’s threats remain…