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A cyclone is a large scale air mass that rotates around the strong center of low atmospheric pressure. They are usually categorized by inward spiraling winds that rotate. A large scale cyclones are centered on low pressure areas. The largest low pressure systems are polar vortices and extra tropical storm of the largest scale the synoptic scale.

Tropical storm and non-tropical cyclones lies within the synoptic scale. Tornadoes and dust storm lies in smaller mesoscale. Upper level of cyclone can exist without the presence of surface low. Storms are also seen in extra-terrestrial planets such as mars and Neptune. A storm trace is guided over the course of its 2 to 6-day life by the steering flow of the sub-tropical jet stream.

Tropical cyclogenesis describes the process of development of tropical cyclones. Tropical Storm due to lighten heat driven by significant thunderstorm activity and a warm core. Storm can transmission between extra-tropical, sub-tropical and tropical phases.