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data protection

Japan asks Facebook to improve data protection

TOKYO: Japan’s government on Monday told United States (US) technology firm Facebook to better protect its users’ personal data following lapses this year affecting tens of millions of people globally. The government asked the world’s largest social media network to fully communicate security issues to users, increase surveillance of providers of applications on its platform, and inform regulators of any change in security measures. The request comes after Facebook this month said attackers stole data from 29 million…

Uber settles complaint over data protection for riders, drivers

Uber agreed to implement new data protection measures to settle complaints that it failed to prevent improper snooping on driver and customer information, officials said Tuesday. The ridesharing giant had faced complaints that it allowed some employees to use the "God view" to monitor customer movements that could allow Uber managers to keep tabs on journalists investigating the ridesharing giant. A separate complaint said that Uber had also failed to prevent a data breach that allowed hackers to gain access to…

Antitrust body imposes 3 million-euro fine on WhatsApp

ROME: Italy's antitrust watchdog said on Friday it was imposing a 3 million-euro fine on messaging service Whatsapp for allegedly obliging users to agree to sharing their personal data with its parent company Facebook. All 28 European Union data protection authorities asked Whatsapp last year to stop sharing users' data with Facebook due to doubts over the validity of users' consent. The Italian agency said the application led users to believe they would not have been able to continue using the service unless they…