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data scandal

Facebook faces massive UK fine of around $660,000 after data scandal

LONDON: Facebook will be fined £500,000  in the U.K. after the country’s privacy watchdog said its data sharing scandal broke the law. The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) is hitting the social network with the maximum possible fine it can impose, for two breaches of the U.K.’s Data Protection Act. Facebook failed to safeguard people’s information, the ICO said and was not transparent about the way in which user data was harvested by others. “Trust and confidence in the integrity of our democratic processes…

Zuckerberg under pressure to face EU lawmakers over data scandal

STRASBOURG: Facebook Inc’s Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg came under pressure from EU lawmakers on Wednesday to come to Europe and shed light on the data breach involving Cambridge Analytica that affected nearly three million Europeans. The world’s largest social network is under fire worldwide after information about nearly 87 million users wrongly ended up in the hands of the British political consultancy, a firm hired by Donald Trump for his 2016 U.S. presidential election campaign. European Parliament President…