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Revisiting locations where blockbuster DDLJ was shot

If you belong to the 90s era, you probably would have heard the success story of Bollywood blockbuster Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ). The evergreen romantic flick still as popular among the fans as it was 23 years ago. The romance between Raj (Shah Rukh) and Simran (Kajol) blossoms during the European road trip, most of which unfolds in Switzerland's pastoral meadows, snowy Alps and quaint villages. The film also sparked off India’s love affair with the Swiss Alps—with numerous Bollywood-themed and Yash Chopra tours …

Mistakes in TOP Bollywood movies you didn’t notice

All the films are never prone to perfection, but if a flick directed by seasoned filmmaker and miss out on logic, it could tarnish burgeoning fame of the movie. You may have watched a ton of films and also found out some silly mistakes in scenes that were so elaborately performed in films. Here are some bloopers in popular Bollywood flicks that majority of the viewers may not have notices. The embarrassing blunder in Lagaan The movie is set in 1892 and each team gets 6 balls per over. However, in…

DDLJ’s Chutki turns into a gorgeous lady

You must have remembered the Bollywood blockbuster 'Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge', but do you remember Kajol’s little sister Chutki in the movie? Yes, it’s Pooja Ruparel who made her foray into Bollywood as a sweet little girl with Jackie Shroff-starrer 'King Uncle', and later essayed a teenager 'Chutki' in 'DDLJ'. And to your surprise, the little girl has turned into a gorgeous lady. Pooja Ruparel was recently seen in Anil Kapoor's TV series and is eyeing good roles in Bollywood. . . . . . . . …