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SpaceX delays plans to send tourists around Moon

WASHINGTON: SpaceX will not send tourists around the Moon this year as previously announced, and will delay the project until the middle of next year, US media reported on Monday. "A new timetable for the flight -- now postponed until at least mid-2019 and likely longer -- hasn´t been released" by the California-based company, said the report in The Wall Street Journal. The reason for the delay is unclear. But it is a "sign that technical and production challenges are disrupting founder Elon Musk's plans for human…

Saudi Arabia delays biometric verification for Umrah pilgrims

ISLAMABAD: Saudi Arabia on Friday announced to delay implementation of biometric system verification for Umrah pilgrims until December 01. A notification issued by Saudi Arabian consulate said Umrah pilgrims would be able to get visas through same old way for now. “Saudi Arabia gives priority to Pakistani people’s interests over all other things,” said the notification. Read More: Saudi Arabia to begin issuing tourist visas Earlier, Saudi Arabia had introduced biometric verification system for those going for Umrah,…

Water leak delays historic 200th spacewalk

MIAMI: NASA discovered a water leak Friday at the International Space Station, delaying the start of the milestone 200th spacewalk at the global space lab. The glitch affected equipment known as the servicing and cooling umbilical (SCU), which supplies power and oxygen to the spacesuits worn by veteran US astronaut Peggy Whitson and her rookie counterpart, Jack Fischer. The problem involved "a small leak of water at the connection point of the service and cooling umbilical (SCU) as it was hooked up to Jack Fischer's…