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Derrick Watson

Trump administration to appeal newest court setback to travel ban

WASHINGTON: US Attorney General Jeff Sessions blasted a Hawaii federal court Friday for weakening the Trump administration's travel ban on six mainly Muslim countries, pledging to again take the case to the Supreme Court. Sessions said Federal Judge Derrick Watson was undermining national security and improperly micromanaging presidential powers when he ruled to expand the definition of "close family relationships" which determines which people with family in the United States can be excepted from the 90-day-ban.…

Legal setback for Trump travel ban as judge allows grandparents

WASHINGTON: A federal judge in Hawaii ruled Thursday that grandparents, grandchildren and other relatives of people in the United States should be exempt from the Trump administration's travel ban targeting travelers from six majority-Muslim countries. The decision by Judge Derrick Watson was a victory for opponents of the ban, which the Trump administration says is necessary to keep out terrorists. The US Supreme Court had allowed part of the ban to go into effect on June 30, putting an end, at least temporarily, to…

Hawaii judge who blocked Trump’s travel ban gets death threats

HONOLULU, USA: The federal judge in Hawaii blocked President Donald Trump's most recent travel ban has received numerous death threats, authorities said.   FBI spokeswoman Michele Ernst said on Thursday that the agency is aware of reports of threatening messages against US District Judge Derrick Watson, who presides over cases in Hawaii, and is prepared to help if necessary. US Marshals Service, responsible for protecting federal judicial officials, flew in about a dozen deputies from the mainland to provide Watson…