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DG ISPR: The Directorate of the Inter–Services Public Relations (ISPR) was established in 1949 with army colonel Shahbaz Khan becoming its first director-general. The ISPR operates as a unified public relations system for the Pakistan’s military, which combined army, air force, navy, and marines. The ISPR manage the public relations requirement of the armed forces, and is staff with the combined personnel of the military along with civilian officers.

It functions at the Joint Staff Headquarters (JS HQ) and plays an important role for gathering a national support for the armed forces at the public level. The ISPR also strengthened support for the military’s assigned contingency operations while undermining the will of the adversary.

The ISPR directorate is staffed with combined personnel of Pakistan’s unified military along with civilian bureaucrats and officials. The ISPR functioned at the JS HQ and responsible for garnering national support for the armed forces as well as strengthen their resolve to accomplish the assigned mission while undermining the will of the adversary.

Since the 1990s, the ISPR has been directing, producing, assisting in writings, and funding the miniseries, drama, and films on military fiction. Some of its highly acclaimed works include: Alpha Bravo Charlie— a television series on Pakistan Army directed by Shoaib Mansoor in 1990