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DG Khan

DG Khan known as Dera Ghazi Khan is famous for various names in the history, founded in 15th century by Baloch tribe had declared this region as their homeland. Haji Khan Mirrani a powerful Baloch cheiftan named it after his son name Ghazi Khan Mirrani. According to its geo location the city is connected to all the four part of the country.

The city is rich with natural gifts it has the river Indus, mountains, Thal desert and the urban area. Due to its geographical location it is one of the hottest city in summers and coldest in winters. DG khan land is rich with natural resources oil and gas extractions are also being done in the city uranium is also present in DG Khan.

The city is famous for Al Ghazi tractor manufacturing plants and DG cement these two industries are also the identity of DG Khan. The city has lush green parks for children and families including a wild life park as well. Women’s are very much involved in getting higher education than other city of its kind in the country.