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Dilma Rousseff

Brazil’s Temer defeats corruption trial, pushes reforms

BRASILIA: President Michel Temer of Brazil hoped Thursday to turn a surprisingly easy victory in blocking his corruption trial into momentum for austerity reforms, but more turmoil could await the unpopular leader. Temer needed a third of the lower house of Congress' support to avoid being suspended from office and put on trial in the Supreme Court. After hours of angry, often raucous debates he got 263 votes -- more than half of the chamber. Another 21 deputies were either absent or abstained, deepening the defeat for…

Brazil’s President Michel Temer charged with taking bribes

BRASILIA: Brazil's top federal prosecutor charged President Michel Temer with taking multimillion-dollar bribes on Monday in a stinging blow to the unpopular leader and to political stability in Latin America's largest country. Rodrigo Janot submitted the charge in a document presented to the Supreme Court, saying "he fooled Brazilian citizens" and owed the nation millions in compensation for accepting bribes. Under Brazilian law, the lower house of Congress must now vote on whether to allow the top tribunal to try the…

8 most powerful female world leaders

Women today are standing by the side of men in every walk of life. We can find active female in every profession even they are playing pivotal role in world politics today. But there was a time when women were considered nothing more than a home commodity and there were few women at that time who stood firm to change their image. Here is the list of most influential women who entered the world politics and changed the history. They set a path for other women to follow and that’s why they are among the most powerful people of…