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Dinosaurs found beheaded at Australian museum

SYDNEY: Three model raptors at Australia's national dinosaur museum have been beheaded by mystery vandals who scaled a fence and removed the parts using an angle grinder or hacksaw, police said Tuesday. Investigators are hunting for the…

VIDEO: Japan soon to have real-life Jurassic Park

Ever wanted to encounter dinosaurs in real life? Well now you may experience real-life version of the terrifying dinosaur rampages in Japan. Dino-a-Live, a visual spectacle and performance piece complete with animatronic dinosaurs,…

Five Disasters That Could Wipe Out Humanity

Everybody loves a horror movie, or maybe a film about the apocalypse. But how likely are these disasters to happen in real life? Here are five events that, if they happened today could wipe out humanity, or at very least – civilisation as…