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‘Mud Dragon’ fossil shows dinosaurs thrived on eve of destruction

WASHINGTON: In a humid, tropical jungle in southern China eons ago, a remarkably bird-like dinosaur with wing-like arms, a toothless beak and a dome-shaped crest atop its head became trapped in mud, struggled in vain to escape and died. Workmen blasting bedrock while building a school near the city of Ganzhou unearthed a beautifully preserved fossil of the roughly 6.5-foot-long (2-meter-long) dinosaur, nicknamed the "Mud Dragon," still in that contorted position, scientists said on Thursday. The Cretaceous Period…

Five Disasters That Could Wipe Out Humanity

Everybody loves a horror movie, or maybe a film about the apocalypse. But how likely are these disasters to happen in real life? Here are five events that, if they happened today could wipe out humanity, or at very least – civilisation as we know it…