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Disaster management

PM calls for increased response to meet climate change challenges

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Wednesday called on improvising disaster management strategies based on experience and developing an efficient and effective mechanism in line with best international practices. Chairing the 5th meeting of National Disaster Management Commission, the prime minister said that climate change, coupled with various other factors has increased the frequency of disasters, and therefore require higher level of preparedness and institutional response to meet these challenges.…

After an August drenching, Karachi confronts rising flood risk

KARACHI: In late August, a month’s worth of rain fell on Karachi in two days, leaving residents wading through waist-deep water, amid stalled vehicles and the bodies of dead animals floating through the streets. An estimated 40 people died, and power, phones and water supplies were disrupted for days, in a disaster believed to have caused 300 billion Pakistan rupees ($2.8 billion) in damage. Now local and provincial authorities are creating the city’s first flood management plan, in an effort to ensure such a disaster…