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Oldest human footprints discovered in North America

MONTREAL, Canada: Human footprints found on an island off the coast of western Canada date back to around 13,000 years ago, making them the oldest discovered in North America, according to a study published Wednesday. The footprints are…

Nearly 400 new species discovered in Amazon

SAO PAULO: Researchers have found 381 new species in the Amazon rainforest, the World Wildlife Fund announced Wednesday, warning that the discoveries were all in areas threatened by human activity. The report by the WWF and Brazil's…

Mysterious 4,200-year-old tomb discovered in Egypt

CAIRO: A team of archaeologists has discovered an ancient tomb in Egypt, which is believed to be 4,200-year-old The team of experts that made the discovery belongs to the University of Birmingham. It is a wall of a 4,200-year-old tomb…