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Dog, donkey meat on sale in Islamabad, reveals minister

1 month, 14 days ago
ISLAMABAD: In a startling revelation a after assuming charge of his office, Minister of State for Interior Shehryar Afridi has said that donkey, dog and even pork’s meat is being sold in parts of Islamabad. Briefing the Senate Standing…

Video of dog pushing human wheelchair goes viral

2 months, 19 days ago
A heart-melting video of a dog pushing the wheelchair of his differently-abled owner is being shared by a large number of people on the internet. The video of the dog, Digong, pushing his human Danilo Alarcon’s wheelchair on the streets…

Family gives up puppy that turned out to be black bear

4 months, 30 days ago
BEIJING: A family in China said they had to give up the "puppy" they adopted two years ago when it turned out to be an Asiatic black bear. Su Yun, who lives in a village near Kunming, Yunnan province, said her family bought what they…

US man shot by his dog in freak incident

5 months, 6 days ago
WASHINGTON: It's often said that a dog biting a man isn't news -- so one canine companion apparently decided to up the ante. A 51-year-old man from the US state of Iowa says he was shot by his own dog while playing with the pet in his…