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Indian groom’s head partially shaved after he demands dowry

In a bizarre form of punishment, the head of a groom in Lucknow, India was partially shaved after he refused to get married if his demands for dowry weren’t fulfilled. According to report, the groom refused to marry after his demands to get a motorcycle and gold chain as dowry were refused by the girl's family. It is reported that the family, who was raged at the groom's rebuff at the eleventh hour, abducted him and tonsured part of his hair. The bride’s grandmother told media that the demands for dowry were made…

Indian woman’s kidney stolen after failure to pay dowry

KOLTKATA: Police in the Indian state of West Bengal police have arrested a woman's husband and brother-in-law after she complained that they tricked her to sell her kidney after her family failed to pay dowry. The woman, Rita Sarkar, aged 28, complained that her husband of twelve years and her in-laws tortured her often for dowry and took advantage of her appendicitis to steal a kidney from her. "Around two years ago, I began suffering from acute stomach ache. My husband took me to a private nursing home in Kolkata,…

Sindh cabinet opposes draft bill on dowry ban; offers building to Footpath School

KARACHI: The Sindh cabinet in its meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on Wednesday opposed a draft bill calling for ban on dowry in the province. The Women Development Department brought Sindh Dowry Act 2017 draft for discussion. Under the proposed law, extravagant dowry, presents and bridal gifts in marriage have been fixed at Rs50,000. The draft law said that no person shall give or take or abet the giving of taking of dowry exceeding rupees fifty thousand. No person shall demand…